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Levant (Lebanon-Syria-Iraq)

My diary of June 2018 - Trump to Pentagon: Hands Off Syria.

You're on your own, US tells Syrian rebels, as Assad goes on offensive | The Guardian |

The US has warned Syrian rebels in the south-west of the country they should not expect military support to help them resist a major government offensive. The message from Washington comes as Russian jets struck an opposition-held town on Sunday in the first air cover provided by Moscow to an expanding Syrian army offensive in the strategic area bordering Jordan and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

The US message sent to heads of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) said Washington wanted to make clear that "you should not base your decisions on the assumption or expectation of a military intervention by us".

The Syrian army began ramping up its assault last week in order to recapture the area.

A stark reminder of who the West supported in the saga to overthrow Bashar al Assad ...

    December 23, 2011: Two Al-Nusra suicide bombers attacked military intelligence facilities in the city of Damascus. This was Al-Nusra's first official attack (44 killed, 150+ injured).

Hillary Clinton remained silent by a double car bomb attack hitting civilians in Damascus
Beirut Bombing Iranian Embassy - The Hand of Saudi Prince Bandar?
Dutch Gov't Hard Facts and Lies/Propaganda about Syria

US envoy to Israel should be impeached as well ...

Congress should impeach David Friedman, too | Mondoweiss |

There is still no peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians ... the Syrian Golan Heights have been gifted to the Jewish State of Israel and PM Netanyahu tries his best to promise the settlers in occupied Palestine Israel will annex the Jordan Valley for "security reasons".

Perhaps the Arabs have enough of Western hypocrisy and promises kept for the Jewish State, but reneged on the authoritarian monarchies of the Arabian peninsula.

British lies to the Arabs in World War I
U.S. Conduct in the Middle East since World War II and the folly of Intervention | CATO Institute - 1991 |

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