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An easy choice

Middle East expert Andrei Ontikov agrees that Russia would like to see the US out of the Syria conflict in the long term. Though Turkey and Russia also don't see eye to eye on Syria, Turkey is a much more comfortable negotiating partner than the US, he argues.

"If we [in Russia] have to choose between Turkey and the USA we choose Turkey. And we will make every effort to have the USA out of the Syrian territory," Ontikov tells DW. After all, he says there is a prospect of "constructive dialogue" on Syria with Turkey, while Russia "doesn't have that sort of dialogue with the Americans."

Russia moves to fill void left by US in northern Syria | AP News |

Russian troops patrol between Turkish and Syrian forces on border | The Guardian - 3 hrs ago |  

Russian units have begun patrolling territory separating Turkish-backed Syrian rebels from the Syrian army around the flashpoint town of Manbij in north-east Syria, in a clear sign that Moscow has become the de facto power broker in the region after the evacuation of US troops.

Oleg Blokhin, a Russian journalist usually attached to mercenaries in Syria, posted a video on social media on Tuesday from a deserted US military base in the village of al-Saadiya, near Manbij.

Meanwhile, the flag of the Syrian regime was raised above Manbij for the first time in years, Syrian state media reported, after Kurdish officials agreed a deal with their former opponents to protect both the contested town and nearby Kobani from a six-day-old Turkish assault.


Syrian troops sent north to 'confront' Turkey over incursion, says state media | The National UAE |
'Stab in the back': Kurdish forces decry US pullout from Syria | Al Jazeera |

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