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The last hurdle introduced by fool's PM Theresa May - election 2016 and caecum DUP - has frustrated any possible Brexit with a deal. So Britain has found out this morning ... DUP who considers the GFA a work in progress. It's long overdue to enter the 21st century and abort the DUP from Britain's future. Boris Johnson cannot deliver on his promise to leave the EU by 10-31 "Do or Die". Ergggg

DUP says it cannot support customs terms in Boris Johnson's deal

The pound fell 0.5 per cent against the dollar and the euro within minutes of the announcement by the DUP just before 7am that the party cannot support the Brexit deal as it currently stands.


Victims and 'victimhood' in Northern Ireland

by Oui on Thu Oct 17th, 2019 at 06:54:34 AM EST

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