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Several MEPs talked about the failure of the Labour party and its leader Jeremy Corbyn as part of the problem. The last resort for Labour is to become an obstructionist party, not an base to enter an election campaign.

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After months of grandstanding on both sides, the wheels were turning. British and EU officials had worked into the small hours of Thursday morning to iron out their differences on VAT. The British had mostly caved in to EU demands that Northern Ireland should follow EU rules. With Brexit hanging in the balance, one of the last difficulties was a VAT derogation for sanitary products - an echo of an earlier battle between David Cameron and Brussels.

At 9.30am Johnson had a "friendly" 20-minute phone call with Jean-Claude Juncker to discuss the results of the previous night. The prime minister thanked Juncker several times for his patience. At 11am the two men spoke again: they had a deal.

Less than 30 minutes after putting the phones down, the announcement was made via two coordinated tweets that rallied the pound for a short while. "It is high time to complete the withdrawal process," Juncker said as he urged EU leaders to back the deal that day.

Johnson turned to the slogan of the 2016 leave campaign: "We've got a great new deal that takes back control - now parliament should get it done on Saturday so we can move on to other priorities," the prime minister tweeted.

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