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Boris Johnson could be held in contempt of court over Brexit letter
Scotland's most senior judge, Lord Carloway, and two other judges will hear allegations on Monday that the prime minister broke a promise he made to the court that he would not try to sabotage the request for an extension.

The UK government's lawyers pledged in writing and in court this month that the prime minister would honour the provisions of the Benn act, seeking an extension to article 50 if he failed to get a Brexit deal passed by 19 October.

The court needs to decide whether those pledges included not trying to frustrate that act, known in full as the European Union (Withdrawal) (No 2) Act, by simultaneously asking for the extension request to be ignored. Carloway postponed a ruling at the first hearing of this case on 9 October, in part because the government's lawyers made "detailed and specific" statements to uphold the law on Johnson's behalf.

We should know sometime between Monday and Friday of the coming week. The judges are not likely to be amused by Johnson leaving the request letter unsigned.

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