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which explains why no MP has tabled a bill to REVOKE A.50. You buried the lede. First, EU published the revised WA, NI/IE Protocol inclusive, last week. Second ...
The prime minister sent a total of three letters: an unsigned photocopy of the request SCHEDULE FORM LETTER he was obliged to send under the Benn Act, an explanatory cover letter from the UK's ambassador to the EU[,] and a personal [?] letter explaining why ["]Downing Street did not want an extension["].

Instead the "cross-party" has wound up the insane tabloids to promote the semblance of US American electoral event, "Super Tuesday," following "Super Saturday" which was a procedural failure to "take note of" the WA laid before [Crown in the] parliament but billed as defeat for HRM BoJo.

However, opposition and Tory MPs may reject the rushed timetable for the legislation in a vote on Tuesday [22 Oct], and some believe there is enough cross-party support for a customs union amendment and giving parliament ["]a say["] over extending the transitional period [!].
Confirming, the loudest are liars or never read the WA. "Transition period" flexibility is covered.
Labour seeks new alliance to kill off Boris Johnson's Brexit deal Withdrawal Agreement, Again
Johnson will attempt to win parliamentary backing for his Brexit deal in a straight yes or no vote on Monday. This would be a move to show support for ["]his["] EU withdrawal agreement before MPs have the chance to scrutinise the full legislation [sic] and attach amendments that could be problematic for the government.
29 Oct will become BLACK TUESDAY, because of course. All mysteries in westworld are black.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
by Cat on Sun Oct 20th, 2019 at 10:06:36 PM EST
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