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You know, I have routinely posted a link to the legislation AND judgments which are silent on the issue of SCHEDULE FORM LETTER. They were all about prorogation, were they not? Yes.

< wipes tears >

I predicted he would send it (obey the law). What I could not predict was the stupidity of MPs, who had used the insane tabloids to forbid HRM BoJo a mysterious "second letter", sudden demand for a "second letter" --not stipulated in the "Benn act", upposedly arguing for an extension.

There is a possibility that the EU could grant a month-long "technical extension" until the end of November [!] in order to maintain pressure on the UK to rubber-stamp the deal.

Now they've got THREE < wipes tears > attesting to HoC's deliberate intransigence and intention to circumvent the one purpose of A.50(3) period. That is approve the WITHDRAWAL agreement(s) between PM(s) and EU Council.

When MPs get to UK courts are they going to argue that HRM BoJo has a duty to lie for the HoC?

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by Cat on Sun Oct 20th, 2019 at 12:02:24 AM EST
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