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The revised Ireland/Northern Ireland Protocol to the Withdrawal Agreement is available here.

It is a pretty comprehensive document and consists of a cover page, a two page prologue, and 18 articles covering 12 pages followed by 7 annexes covering 48 Pages of legal references.

All the core Irish, EU and UK "red lines" appear to have been respected with the exception of the DUP objection to a border down the Irish sea and the maintenance of a unionist veto on EU customs arrangements applying to N. Ireland.

It is, from an Irish perspective, a major triumph for European diplomacy but there will be a great reluctance to trumpet its achievements lest that inflame the Parliamentary situation in the UK further.

The House of Commons would appear to have two options: One, it can approve this deal and Brexit could happen on 31st. October, or it can vote down this deal and seek an A.50 extension. The European Council will only grant such a extension to facilitate a "democratic event", so then it is a question of which does the House of Commons want - a second referendum, or a general election? Given that turkeys do not generally vote for Christmas, it looks like a second referendum is now the most likely outcome. But will Johnson agree to organise it, or must we wait for PM Corbyn?

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