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Not so fast. wkiwtf sez, there are six (6) types of elections in the UK. Today, human bean counters are betting on odds of approval of "the deal" by HoC, an act of [the Crown in] parliament. Whether or not "the deal" is approved, EUWa-2-2019 requires HRM BoJo to deliver on or before 19 Oct SCHEDULE FORM LETTER requesting extension period 1 Nov - 31 Jan (91 days) to the EU Council.

(3)If neither of the conditions in subsection (1) or subsection (2) is satisfied, subsection (4) must be complied with no later than 19 October 2019.
Then human bean counters set betting on odds of HoC approval of the extension period returned by EU Council, whether or not identical to SCHEDULE FORM LETTER request.

Then human bean counters set betting on odds of HoC approval of either snap election --OR-- referendum. wikiwtf summarizes provisions for snap election:

the Monarch (on the recommendation of the prime minister) appoints the date of the new election by proclamation. Parliament is then dissolved 25 working days before that date.

Bit of a squeeze that to accommodate customary, carefree holidays. An even more alarming restriction on [Crown in the] parliament period to move, "debate," and agree (1) content and (2) legal instrumentality of Q put to referendum--Who to blame? for example.

In either case the "independent" Electoral Commission administers the plebiscite as directed by the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 ahhhh and The Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (Northern Ireland Political Parties) Order 2008. The Sir-John-Major period permitted by royal prerogative for the Commission to guarantee these arrangements is beyond the scope of this comment.

So. I idly wonder, What duration of A.50(3) extension period will the EU Council return to the UK parliament?

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by Cat on Thu Oct 17th, 2019 at 05:29:13 PM EST

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