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This morning Sen. Menendez demands US secretary of state 'immediate' recusal [?] over Ukraine probe of what precisely --legitimate functions of the state department and its executive compared with non-governmental business between US and Ukraine nationals--remains to be ahh critiqued by colleagues in the legislature. Menedez's indignation is ironic (2015) yet reasonable in light of mistrail ending prosecution of his "corruption" of office within the US.

The establishing legislation for office of US attorney general is pretty clear cut, subordinate only to POTUS on matters "national security". By comparison, the legitimacy of the FBI, conferred by the congress, is decidedly obscure and disjunctive. Invidious manufacture of "special counsels" since 1968 are political instruments of limited interest to any one session, for example.

I just started a "serious" search through U.S.C. this morning after reading through the FBI's own origin stories for citations to U.S.C.
"Birth of the Federal Bureau of Investigation";
"A Brief History" anchored to T. Roosevelt and C. Bonaparte at apex "China trade" and union-busting; and
"Directors, Then and Now"

Under the Omnibus Crime Control Act and Safe Streets Act of 1968, Public Law 90-3351, the Director is appointed by the U.S. President and confirmed by the Senate. On October 15, 1976, in reaction to the extraordinary 48-year term of J. Edgar Hoover, Congress passed Public Law 94-503, limiting the FBI Director to a single term of no longer than 10 years.
Public Law 90-3351 is where the legitimization of the POTUS heretofore ahh lawful secret service goes pear-shape. Having commissioned bureau "services" to investigate JFK's assassination and destroy domestic "extremist" rioting, FBI "accountability" has been reconstituted as different dead-end public laws under various U.S.C. chapters.

Behold, for example, 34 U.S. Code § 10101 (Establishment of Office of Justice Programs) which complements 28 U.S. Code CHAPTER 33-- FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION . It is not immediately obvious to me yet which statutes authorize FBI investigation or police of foreign territories. However, FBI range into Iraq under color of the CPA may have left some tracks for the "inquiry" committees to follow.  

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