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Tusk `fully behind Ireland' as MEPs reject UK Brexit proposals

Council president `unconvinced' as parliament group says proposed deal not `remotely' acceptable

European Council president Donald Tusk has said the EU stands "fully behind Ireland" after the UK published its new Brexit proposals, adding in a tweet that the union remains "open but still unconvinced" by the UK plans.

Separately, MEPs warned that there is not nearly enough in the UK proposals for a deal they could endorse. The cross-party European Parliament Brexit Steering Group (BSG) said in a detailed response to the proposals that they do not "even remotely" amount to an acceptable deal.

"Safeguarding peace and stability on the island of Ireland, protection of citizens and EU's legal order has to be the main focus of any deal," it said in a statement. "The UK proposals do not match even remotely what was agreed as a sufficient compromise in the backstop."

"The proposals do not address the real issues that need to be resolved if the backstop were to be removed, namely the all-island economy, the full respect of the Good Friday [Belfast] Agreement and the integrity of the single market, " the statement say.

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