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In one way I agree with Boris - the Brexit issue has to be resolved one way or another sooner rather than later. Either the HoC approves this deal, or it votes for an election or a second referendum.

If they choose a second referendum it is up to Boris to hold it. If he refuses, or they lack confidence in his good faith ability to organise it fairly they have to vote no confidence in him and confidence in an alternative PM who will organise it.

If they don't want Corbyn they will have to find an alternative caretaker PM who will command a majority in the House. Assuming Corbyn won't support an alternative PM, they will have no option but to vote confidence in him.

It's make your mind up time. What is it they really want, and what is the least worst option they will settle for? Adults make hard choices, children whinge that they want it all, and then some. It's time for everyone concerned to grow up and earn their corn.

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