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EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill Delegated Powers Memorandum, pp 14-15
  • Clause 21 (inserts new section 8C  into the EU (Withdrawal) Act 2018)
  • New section 8C(1) confers a power on a Minister of the Crown in connection with the Ireland/Northern Ireland Protocol in the Withdrawal Agreement New section 8C(6) places a duty on a Minister of the Crown to define the term 'qualifying Northern Ireland goods'
  • A  power to implement the Protocol on  Ireland/Northern Ireland. A duty to define the term 'qualifying Northern Ireland goods'
  • Draft affirmative procedure where a statutory instrument [SI] under new section 8C(1) amends, repeals or revokes primary legislation or retained direct principal EU legislation; [...]

EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill Fact Sheet - Northern Ireland
It replaces the ["]backstop["] provisions  in the old Withdrawal Agreement negotiated by the former Prime Minister and rejected by Parliament with a system whereby Northern Ireland remains aligned with EU regulations on goods (including certain laws for VAT on goods).

No tariffs will need to be paid on goods moving from GB to NI, which are not at risk of moving to the EU. Thus the Protocol applies EU tariffs in Northern Ireland except for movements within the single customs territory of the United Kingdom.

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