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Thanks Oui! Your contributions here are also greatly appreciated, especially as you cast your net so much wider than I can at the moment. Totally re-vamping your home and having a daughter, son-in-love, and 10 day old baby move in with you changes things somewhat!

The house has been a building site for the past 4 months and I have been living with friends and neighbours with only sporadic Wifi access. Living out of a small suitcase can be a bit discombobulating!

The builders have now left but we are left to paint the entire house, reflooring all rooms, replacing the kitchen and all the fixed storage areas in the house and trying to sort through a lifetime of possessions many of which have been damaged by damp and mould in the meantime!

The house has now achieved an energy rating of A+ - equivalent to passive house standard, and is, I am told, one of the 10 most energy efficient renovated houses in Ireland. We have installed solar panels, battery storage, heat pump, heat exchanger ventilation system, 100mmm underfloor and all exterior wall insulation and removed all carbon based heating. At the moment only two bedrooms and no living areas are finished so there is still a lot of interior work to do.

I will do a blog on the renovation when I have all the technical data and the job is complete. But for now, its back to the painting and trying to figure out the giant 3d jig-saw puzzle that is an IKEA kitchen with the usual lousy and ambiguous instructions!

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