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DUP finds itself caught between the devil and the Irish sea | The Guardian |

The Democratic Unionist party (DUP) is facing two options, one bad, the other worse. The trick will be deciding which is which. It can reject the Brexit deal that British and EU negotiators are discussing in Brussels, on the assumption it proposes a border down the Irish Sea.

Rejection would rupture its relations with Boris Johnson and could sink the deal in the Commons, shunt the UK towards no deal, wreck Northern Ireland's economy and add support for a united Ireland.

Or Arlene Foster and her 10 Westminster MPs could endorse the deal and smooth its passage through parliament, then face howls of betrayal from rival unionists who will try to engrave Brexit on the DUP's tombstone.

Foster kept the party's options open in a holding statement last Friday, which reiterated opposition to a backstop or any measure that would "trap" Northern Ireland in the EU. It also urged a "balanced and sensible" deal in Northern Ireland's "long-term" economic and constitutional interests - ambiguous language that left wiggle room. "We will judge any outcome reached by the prime minister against the criteria above," it concluded.

Less ambiguous language came on Saturday from the party's Nigel Dodds, who told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica: "No, it cannot work, because Northern Ireland has to remain fully part of the UK customs union."

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