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'Pathway' to Brexit deal hits usual obstacles on the Irish border | The Guardian |

Last Thursday at Thornton Manor, Johnson made a major concession: he agreed there should be no customs border on the island of Ireland. That was the key to triggering the current round of intensified talks in Brussels. But dashing EU hopes, it is clear the UK is not seeking to return to a lightly retouched version of Barnier's original plan, the Northern Ireland-only backstop. Instead, the UK hopes to devise an unprecedented bespoke customs deal for Northern Ireland.

While the British have not disclosed the plan, EU sources have outlined the main details. Northern Ireland would be legally part of the UK customs area, but practically in the EU customs union, following European rules on tariffs and quotas. It would be simultaneously in and out - a model quickly called Schrödinger's customs union, in mock homage to the physicist's theoretical cat that was simultaneously dead and alive.

Brexit talks fail to yield breakthrough with timely deal feared 'impossible'

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