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DUP candidate cringe-worthy "leverage", A/V, CBI press conference
BACHELOR No. 4: After this general election we've got three weeks probably to see whether Northern Ireland government is savable, salvable. If it's not salvable, we're going to have to get into direct rule, because we must have decisions that are going to work. That is the fundamental thing.
BACHELOR No. 5: Equally, whatever London is looking at BREXIT, again Northern Ireland is an afterthought. Even if we're the big complex issue in terms of how we address this, we're still an afterthought in their considerations. The people who care about this place are the five parties up here on this panel. We have to get it together. So why I'm not hopeful, because of what's happened in the past, the logic of us getting back around the table and getting us sorted is ever clear.
All-island economy would be a shot in arm for Northern Ireland:[CBI director]
[Angela McGowan] said: "Partnership with government is essential and that means restoring power-sharing institutions, but so is capitalising on vital east-west trade links and making the best use of our all-island economy.

"North-south partnership on areas like energy, healthcare and infrastructure isn't just convenient; it can deliver higher growth, less deprivation [!] and more people and communities included and sharing in this island's prosperity."

"the shopping list from businesses is a lengthy one"

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
by Cat on Wed Nov 20th, 2019 at 11:43:13 PM EST

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