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well done. Your perception of fact, possibilities, and goals has moved, figuratively speaking, from one perspective (point A) to another (point B) on an arc circling that distant object known as The island of Ireland and its inhabitants.

The first statement (introduction) and the last (conclusion) express one proposition (thesis or detectable fact pattern): Intercourse and conditions which the body politic has inhabited have altered its future state (not that state, the other one). Expectation of individuation, so to speak, have emerged from narration of an ambiguous process, labeled UNION.

I see: The body of the comment however expresses doubts in that thesis rather than articulating proofs of ahem Truth's existence--supporting facts, exhibits or examples, as youthful essayists are trained to say by their teachers. The body disagrees with the proposition. Why is that?

To deny the reader the pleasure of The Truth with a litany of systematic police devices to detect, deter, and punish malefactors hiding in the "we" is rhetorically perverse. Point A--those questions--have been and will be addressed, answered, implemented, and adjusted in "plain sight" for eons. That point imbues the next with insufficient meaning of the whole ahem system, it is true.

Point B allows us to accentuate dispositve arguments regarding socially acceptable conduct at present. That is to acknowledge de facto agreement in words as well as deeds which demonstrate the greater "good" in those people who daily bring responsibility for one another into being. The the dude who stops at traffic signals is the same character--but different form--who will submit true declarations and tax, reject violence, abjure liars as well as "bad" law, and so forth, because they can in spite of the obscurity of their labors and mistrust of "leaders" de jure.

Now what do you say? How accurately do elected officials represent the actual will of the people who inhabit NI and IE?

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Wed Nov 13th, 2019 at 06:50:35 PM EST
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