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Newton Emerson: DUP should be forced to admit Labour is its only hope
Setting its face against a Corbyn government feels like one more corner the DUP is backing itself into
Yet the DUP is still escaping scrutiny over what it would do with Westminster influence, even while campaigning to maximise its influence.

Logically, it must favour Corbyn over Johnson.

There has been a complete breakdown in relations between the DUP and the prime minister. No unionist party in Northern Ireland supports Johnson's deal and no wing of the Conservative party advocates changing the deal for unionism's benefit. If Johnson wins a majority, he will ram his Brexit through. If he needs the DUP's help to get into office then everyone will be back to where they are now, which is not where anyone wants to be.

Labour, by contrast, is promising to negotiate a soft Brexit withdrawal agreement that would solve the DUP's sea border problem, followed by a second EU referendum that could solve all the DUP's Brexit problems. Brussels has vowed to facilitate the necessary talks and extensions.

DUP leaders have said their preferred alternatives to Johnson's deal are a "sensible deal" or no Brexit but they cannot bring themselves to admit this means preferring Labour.

By refusing to accept that a Labour government is its only hope, the DUP is trying to avoid difficult questions about past misjudgments and future strategy. Its denial is becoming too ridiculous to sustain.

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