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well, well, well, look what turned up at WoS
EXCLUSIVE Boris Johnson's Brexit Withdrawal Bill 'Power Grabs' Torpedoed by House of Lords Peers.
The report draws attention to the ramping up of the so-called Henry VIII powers under the Northern Ireland protocol to allow ministers to change or repeal laws without parliamentary legislation.
It also points out that there is no provision in the law for any consultation procedures with the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly or the Northern Ireland Assembly during negotiations with the EU for a new trade deal. Each body will simply be informed about the progress of the negotiations.
etc. such as shall we say "enhancements" to dormant delegation of powers in EUWA2018 which have received scant attention by MPs of any party for the past two years. None are prepared to present an intelligible alternative served with Letwin v2.0. These are "single-issue" floggers, not administrators.

Equally alarming is a SPICe briefing for SNP, The European Union (WithdrawalAgreement) Bill-Implications for Scotland. Brooding over devolved "consent" buried by SCOTUK, the Scotland Act 1998, and perceived "competitive advantages" bestowed by the Protocol on NI duty-free status within the union (a/k/a "level playing field").

The first act of parliament in the new year will likely be a request for extension of the A.50 period, because WA ratification would be too intelligent.

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