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Newton Emerson is an Ulster Unionist commentator  writing for a predominantly Irish readership in the Irish Times. The Ulster Unionist and DUP are at loggerheads fighting for a share of the Unionist vote, and both hate Sinn Fein and what they see as Sinn Fein's chief fellow traveller in England over the past few decades, Jeremy Corbyn.

His logic here is impeccable. Unionists are viscerally opposed to a "border down the Irish Sea" as created by BoJo's deal. They would prefer "A SENSIBLE DEAL" aka May's deal which included all of the UK in the CUSM (thus avoiding a border down the Irish Sea) or failing that, no Brexit at all.

Problem is the DUP (rather unwisely, in his view) went all in for Brexit (as a bit of recreational nationalist bashing) and threw their lot in with the irredentist ERG Brexiteers (who are their ideological hard right fellow travellers on economics).

They therefore opposed May's deal which was far less harmful to their Unionist position believing the EU (Aka the Republic) would eventually fold and let them have their cake and eat it. But it was Boris who folded and sold them down the river.

Now the DUP have egg on their face to the unalloyed delight of all others including, more discretely, the Ulster Unionist Party, who have sashayed from a divided to a pro-Remain position.

Newton is simply revelling in the DUP's discomfort and pointing out the logic of their position, which is that they should support Corbyn's softer Brexit (which keeps all of the UK aligned with the CUSM and avoids a border down the Irish Sea) or else repent and go all in for Remain.

The fact that Corbyn is perceived as hard left while they are hard right should not be an impediment because they had been working with Sinn Fein in the N. Ireland Executive for years until they blew that working relationship - something they would now dearly like to recover in order to regain devolved executive power in N. Ireland.

Now they are back to square one - appealing to tribal loyalty to try to maintain their dominant position -  when everyone knows they are the authors of their own misfortune. They are unlikely to hold the balance of power again, and are now beholden to the goodwill of others who owe them nothing.

Not a good place to be.

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