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If you really want to see some near psychotic "mansplaining" try Alex Kane, formerly director of communications for the Ulster Unionist Party. My comment on his article is:
One long Unionist Whinge that the Remainers are actually uniting - contrary to what is happening on the "mainland". And trying to conflate Remainers with Nationalists is also a bit rich, given that 40% of unionists voted Remain. The fact that the same parties were prepared to stand aside for a unionist Remainer (Sylvia Herman) rather gives the lie to Alex Kane's attempt to claim this is all sectarian subterfuge. And last time I checked, neither the Greens nor the Alliance parties are nationalist parties.

The fact is that unionists of all ilks never got the significance of 60% of unionists trying to impose Brexit on the 56% of the total population who voted Remain, driving a coach and four through the GFA and erecting a hard border with the south. They seem genuinely shocked the Republic said no and the EU backed the Republic up.

The days of a majority of unionists imposing their rule on all of N. Ireland and dictating to either the UK or the EU are over - get over it. The sky will not come tumbling down if the DUP lose their majority of MPs and a few Remainer MPs actually take their seats.

It's not as if the DUP used their majorities to rule N. Ireland well - it is one of the poorest regions in the UK despite massive central Exchequer subsidies. Unionists will be the first to come running to the Republic if that £10 Bllion p.a. well ever runs dry, which it probably will if Brexit is the economic and fiscal disaster I expect it to be. And unionists will get a cold welcome in the south if all they can do is whinge about the sectarianism which they themselves imposed on the North for 100 years.

Grow up Alex Kane!

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