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Labour's free broadband plan fires up the election battle, not really
Duly noting paradoxical Guardian "data visualization":

I devoted an inordinate amount of time at LBS compiling ICT (US-Eng. ITC) data (commercial, public, and residential use cases, hardware investment, TLD network build, M&A, ISV investment) buried in ONS, OFCOM, OECD, and NBER papers at the turn of the century--dotcom crash and recovery.

The Satellite and Cable Directive

The Directive 93/83/EEC, concerning the harmonization of copyright laws in the particular fields of satellite broadcasting and cable retransmission has been in force since 1st January 1995. The aim is to facilitate the cross border transmission of audiovisual programmes, particularly broadcasting via satellite and retransmission by cable.
Digital Agenda for Europe
Since the opening up of the telecommunications market to full competition [deregulation of national telecoms] on 1 January 1998 and the beginning of its implementation, the Digital Single Market Strategy has delivered the main legislative proposals set out in it as priorities. ...

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
by Cat on Sat Nov 16th, 2019 at 07:24:04 PM EST
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