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Almost poetic Melo! Where are your diaries? I actually thought there was a fair chance the Brexit party could bury the Conservatives - and Brexit - by splitting the Brexit vote. Turns out the Lib Dems were even more stupid and driven by blind hatred of Corbyn, and so a second referendum never had a chance.

But Farage committed hara-kiri - or at least did the bidding of his financial masters - and it is the Remain vote which is split and Boris set fair to ride triumphant into the sunlit uplands of Brexit.

For all the criticism he has gotten, I still think Corbyn did all he could to keep both Remainers and Leavers within the Labour party tent and his offer to hold a second referendum while remaining personally neutral is statesmanlike and a viable way out of the crisis with no one losing face.

But for whatever reason the British people seem to be buying all the anti-Corbyn bile as if the personality and charisma of the PM mattered all that much in the context of the gravity of the crisis the UK will be facing when Boris crashes out without a comprehensive FTA.

The reduction of politics to a televisual beauty contest and the sheer stupidity of people who are bearing the brunt of Conservative led austerity and privatisation voting for Boris beggars belief.

It will be very hard for me to muster sympathy for the British people if they vote for Boris and when it then all comes crashing down. It's not as if they weren't warned and didn't know that Boris is a lying, cheating bastard whom no one of any integrity would have dealings with.

And still it seems we are in for another few years of pommy moaning about the EU not being fair to them when they discover that nothing outside the EU comes for free.

The only benefit for most of the EU will be that they won't have to listen any more (but also won't have any excuses for not putting their own houses in order).

In Ireland the EU/UK dynamic will have another few years to play out - re-cast as a nationalist/unionist divide - and with an increasingly beleaguered and desperate DUP thrashing about for victims to blame.

But the die has been cast. Unionism's days in Ireland are numbered. It is just a matter of how gracefully the process is managed. Brexit was the last act of "those whom the Gods seek to destroy, they first make mad".

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