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I am surprised Corbyn didn't defend himself better at the debate when being accused of being duplicitous about which side he would campaign for. All he had to say was a firm:

 "It's not about me Boris. My personal opinion is my own and I have every right to cross that brdge if/when I come to it after further thought, study, debate and counsel.  I am not Prime Minister and am not running a Brexit campaign, as you are reduced to doing since no-one believes a jot of what you say with your promises about the NHS after what you plastered on the side of buses before the referendum and every other blathering word out of your lying, disingenuous mouth is Brexit. I respect the people's vote but they were un- and misinformed as to the consequences and if they vote again in a second referendum to leave, then it'd be my duty as PM to renegotiate a better Brexit deal, and have it supported by Parliament after due, unhurried debate, a negotiation with a new, improved EU at which I wll have a decided advantage over your prior position because I have excluded my own feelngs and maintained, professional, gentlemanly discretion about them while concentrating on the greater good of the many rather than my own bias and possibly stll incomplete understanding of this Tory-spawned nightmare into which your idiot ilk have recklessly, callously plunged us and future generations. Those generations who will bear the greatest burden for your folly and many more of whom are eligible to vote now on something of such importance to them.
You on the hand have zero credibility or ideas, and your whole political existence rests on one crumbling pillar, that of hard-crashing out of the EU while your chortling chums cash out on the sterling dive and buy up businesses on the cheap wth their ill-gotten gains."

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'The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.' Thomas Piketty

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I think a shorter: "It's for the people to decide when they have all the hard evidence and a firm proposal on the table - and it will be for me to implement their decision one way or the other when they have made their choice. I am happy to abide with their decision whichever way it goes, but I do think they they deserve a chance to make a considered choice now we have had several years of debate on the issue and when we have an good Withdrawal Agreement and proposed future relation ship deal on the table." would be more effective on TV!

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