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Anticipating SOFA expiration (CYE 2011) and US military withdrawal, Bush admin prepared the "U.S.-Iraqi Strategic Framework Agreement" (a treaty) for the US-selected "Shia" Iraq PM and next POTUS to sign. It was a GE year in the US, 2008, as it is again in 2020, when  ostensible US-Iraq security purposes are moot. POTUS declared victory over IS/ISIL/Daesh/al-Qaida-in-Iraq. Hence, Team Trump's obstinate machinations (covert and overt) to forestall Iraq sovereignty and induce formal co-operation from Iraq's government--as well as opposition from homicidal maniacs in US Congress, of which Klobuchar and Warren indebted to doctrinaire foreign "conflicts".

CRS, U.S.-Iraq Strategic Framework and Status of Forces Agreement: Congressional Response (2008)
U.S.-Iraqi Strategic Framework Agreement: Update on Implementation (2013)

Since Vice President Biden traveled to Iraq in November 2011 and convened a meeting of the U.S.-Iraq Higher Coordinating Committee, the Strategic Framework Agreement (SFA) has served as the backbone of our relationship with the Government of Iraq (GOI). The United States and the GOI value the SFA, as evidenced by public statements by each side, the three Higher Coordinating Committee meetings and 24 Joint Coordination Committee (JCC) meetings held in the areas of cooperation outlined in the SFA, the Working Groups within each JCC that meet on a regular basis, and the myriad of developments across these sectors, a sampling of which is listed below: ...
Desire and Reality: Proposed law designed to drive US forces out of Iraq, Feb 2019
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