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I think I can agree with this:
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1) brexit became a huge deal ("OVEN READY!!!"), causing labour to bleed to three parties: the tories (to an extent, but not that much, there's still enough residual hate for them in the relevant areas to hope for the future), the brexit party (ersatz tories without the baggage) and the liberal democrats (remoaner central). because . johnson actually having a deal he could pass off as his own and meaningfully distinct from may's was a huge boon to him here, so thanks EU for that. you fuckers.
  1. the character assassination of jeremy corbyn was much more advanced at this stage, with the antisemitism stuff being a part of this. continual, universal negative coverage for four years saw his popularity ratings steadily drop, and the constant internal struggles in the party re: brexit position was extremely costly for his image as a stalwart champion of righteous causes
  2. corbyn speaks very well to a relatively small group of voters: people like us, who are politically aware and who have been homeless for decades. apart from that, he's not that effective as a personal campaigner, and once the press and the tories (but i repeat myself) figured out how to put him in positions where he couldn't deploy his strengths (e.g. he actually knows what he's saying and why), his weaknesses (he's not quick on his feet, and he's tied to positions in which he doesn't believe) became apparent.

basically, brexit turned into a culture war thing and a centre/periphery conflict. those always benefit the class with more cohesion, which in britain (and the west in general) is the ruling class

and this from Richard Seymour, from before the election and in an otherwise classical piece of Zwangsoptimismus.

I would guess that the calculation is roughly as follows. The Tory vote, as long as they keep promising to deliver Brexit, is secure. They supporters of Brexit have already shown that they don't mind being lied to, egregiously, because they assume that all politicians are liars anyway. Ironically, the only people who really suffer from Tory lies are Labour. Labour suffers in the direct sense that just enough people might believe the lies if they are smears or scaremongering. And while the Tories actively benefit from the defensive cynicism of some voters, their fear of being let down, Labour needs to cut through that. The more the infosphere is flooded with blatant and egregious misrepresentations, the more on guard some voters will be over anyone making a big political offer. Above all, confusion favours those wielding simple answers. If everyone's lying, if all politicians are untrustworthy, there is nonetheless one thing all voters firmly believe: Johnson is committed to delivering Brexit. That message, amid the swirl of deceits, has been hammered home with robotic insistence. Thus, they teach people to desire one simple thing, one paltry concession to a nebulous popular will.
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