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Democrats blocked three times from subpoenaing documents in Trump trial
Members of the public packed the balcony overlooking the chamber, including actress and activist Alyssa Milano, who sat in the front row, listening intently.
evidence: Excluding press clippings, EU database records, and POTUS prepared remarks for public events from my footnote count, "Material Facts" attached to the House "Trial Memorandum" are 70 unique items, of which complete H. Rep. (reports), witnesses' transcripts, or depositions, video recordings, and correspondence, Apr-Dec 2019. I might have missed some. These are cited by House server URL for review. If the Trial Memorandum, summarizing indisputable evidence for impeachment, does not obviate display of each exhibit, again, I shudder to think what more could.
by Cat on Wed Jan 22nd, 2020 at 02:48:35 AM EST
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How many senators want to be remembered as having convicted beloved POTUS #44 or 45 for "impermissible policy" impoundment?
by Cat on Wed Jan 22nd, 2020 at 04:18:43 AM EST
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So I skimmed footnotes in House Trial Memorandum. This is where Schiff et al. itemize "evidence." The evidence seems to stored in digital facsimile in a House server (ea URL address) for sentators' review. My first pass found 70 unique exhibits on which the managers' argument for conviction rely (excluding sundry NYT press reports and DJT's prepared remark at public events). A gargantuan number of pages. Note that collection this material appears to ascertain motive and establish alleged Art. I, abuse of office ("bribery" conduct) by the POTUS, of which OMB/GAO/HPSCI correspondence.
Lt. Col. A. Vindman, HPSCI deposition
Amb Wm. Taylor & G. Kent, HPSCI deposition (Nov 2019)
  • Taylor, HPSCI deposition (Oct 2019)
  • Taylor-Kent, HPSCI deposition
Amb. K. Volker, HPSCI deposition (Oct 2019)
- Volker-T. Morrison, deposition (Nov 2019)
Amb. F. Hill, HPSCI deposition (Oct 2019)
- Hill-Holmes
Amb. G. Sondland, HPSCI deposition (Oct 2019)
- Sondland, Opening Statement, HPSCI (Nov 2019)
D. Holmes, HPSCI deposition (Nov 2019)
J. Williams, HPSCI deposition (Nov 2019)
  • Williams & Vindman, HPSCI deposition (Nov 2019)
  • William, classified supp'l. Pence-Zelensky call (Sep 2019)
Amb. M. Yovanovitch, HPSCI deposition (Nov 2019)
- Yovanovitch, HPSCI deposition (Oct 2019)
D. Holmes & M. Yovanovitch, HPSCI deposition (Nov 2019)
L. K. Cooper, HPSCI deposition (Oct 2019)
- Cooper-D. Hale, HPSCI deposition (Nov 2019)
M. Sandy, HPSCI deposition
Hale, HPSCI deposition
Croft, HPSCI deposition
Morrison, HPSCI deposition
J. Maguire, HPSCI deposition (Sep 2019)
WH, Memorandum of Telephone Conversation (Apr 2019)
WH, Memorandum of Telephone Conversation (July 2019)
Mulvaney, press briefing transcript (Oct 2019)
Associate Press, DJT interview transcript (Apr 2017)
ABC, DJT interview transcript (June 2019)
DNI, ICA "Assessing Russian Activities..." (Jan 2017)
SSCI, "Russian Active Measures ..." (May 2018)
CRS, "Ukraine: Background ..." (Sepp 2019)
Comptroller Gen. (GAO), "Matter of Office of Mgmt..." (Jan 2020)
OLC, agency counsel exclusion determination (Nov 2019)
Pub. L. 115-245
Pub. L. 226-6
Pub. L. 116-59
H. Rep. No. 116-9
H. Rep. No. 116-335 witnesses: R. Blair, M. Ellis,P. Griffith, R. Vought, B. McCormack
H. Rep. No. 116-346
H. Rep. No. 116-105 in re: Wm. Barr
H. Rep. No. 116-266
R. Mueller, "Report on the Investigation..." (Jan 2019)
L. Pernas, R. Giuliani-V. Zelensky letter (May 2019)
J. Shaheen et al, letter to Mulvaney (Sep 2019)
C. Murphy letter to A. Schiff, HPSCI (Nov 2019)
E. Engle, letter to P. Cipollone (Sep 2019)
  • Engle et al, letter to P. Cipollone (Sep 2019)
  • Engle et al, letter to M. Pence (Oct 20119)
  • Engle, letter to M. Pompeo (Sep 2019)
E. Cummings, letter to J. Mulvaney (Oct 2019)
P. Cipollone, letter to N. Pelosi et al. (Oct 2019)
  • Cipollone, letter to W. Pittard (Nov 2019)
  • Cipollone, letter to W. Burck (Nov 2019)
M. Duffey, email to D. Norquist etl (July 2019)
D. Noble, email to M. Mulvaney (Nov 2019)
M. Atkinson (IGIC) to A. Schiff, D. Nunes (Sep 2019)
A. Schiff, letter to J. Maguire (Sep 2019)
  • Schiff et al, letter to OMB R. Vought (Oct 2019)
  • A. Schiff, letter to M. Duffey (Oct 2019)
M. Morgan, letter to E. Cummings et al (Oct 2019)
J. Yaworske, letter to A. Schiff (Oct 2019)
- Yaworske, letter to A. Schiff (Nov 2019)
R. Hood, letter to A. Schiff et al (Oct 2019)
B. Bulatao, letter to L. Robbins (Oct 2019)
D. Norquist, letter to D. Levin (Oct 2019)
DJT, letter to N. Pelosi (Dec 2019)
K. Volker, SMS (Oct 2019)
R. Giuliani, Twitter post (Dec 2019)
DJT, Twitter post (Oct 2019)
by Cat on Wed Jan 22nd, 2020 at 04:34:21 PM EST
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