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because insufficient demand for IP telecoms in EU "consumer" society. No demand, no market "growth"--financial dependency. Shure one could lay freedum barriers at the doors of "nationalized," monopolist, utility investment and regulatory hurdles. But that analysis would still require an alternative hypothesis informed by micro-economic behavioral data--heteroskedaistic modelling, for instance--describing unmet IP demand or comms modalities across EU. US Americans don't collect, have not collected, that information which problematizes utilitarian assumptions underlying free market profit motive. Surprise in US gov or frustration among its vocal tech representatives  by EU antitrust ITC enforcement ("push back") expresses little more than spite. EU gov's just not into US marketing success like US Americans. Cray, huh.

I see your Minitel and raise you a Compuserve. ...

by Cat on Sun Dec 29th, 2019 at 10:43:19 PM EST
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