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Other versions of 5G ("middle band") use the same frequency bands as existing 3G and 4G networks (that's what's deployed in Europe today), but the throughput will be, maybe a 30-50% improvement over the existing 4G. Definitely not an order of magnitude.

The high cost of 5G equipment (plenty of small cells) and the spectrum auctions make 5G networks a non-trivial decision for telco operators, to be polite. All the hype, that race with the Chinese etc... is to get more money (subsidies, subsidies) to shoulder the cost.

And lastly, about that famous "race to 5G", a shameless self-plug in the beloved series "get your news 6 months early on ET".

by Bernard on Fri Dec 6th, 2019 at 09:46:16 PM EST
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