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Who were the winners and losers? Suzanne Breen's verdict on UTV election debate
UUP leader Steve Aiken said the blame for the Irish Sea border in Boris Johnson's Brexit deal lay with his unionist rival which "wasn't over the jot and tittle" of the issue.
Emma-Little Pengelly, the DUP's South Belfast candidate, strongly denied the claim and said her party had repeatedly blocked bad Brexit deals. It aimed to once again hold the balance of power in a hung Parliament and use its influence to change Mr Johnson's agreement, she said.

SDLP leader Colum Eastwood said the DUP's strategy of "Ulster Hall meetings and beating drums" was doomed to failure.
Michelle O'Neill disagreed with the suggestion that Sinn Fein should take its seats at Westminster to stop Brexit. "Look at the last couple of years, Irish interests will never be served at Westminster," she said. "Thirty-five SNP MPs couldn't stop Brexit."

But Alliance leader Naomi Long challenged her, saying: "We haven't Brexited because the SNP and others turned up and ["]voted the government down["] consistently and you haven't been there to be part of that and you won't be there to be part of that."

How can you face down opponents if you can't face me? BBC's Nolan 'empty chairs' DUP

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
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