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I disagree. My view is that the US suffers under party politics, and what you are voting for is largely the party itself rather than the individual. Obviously the president has a lot more power (too much more) than the rest of government, but none-the-less, he is beholden to his party to sustain his position and enact his policies. Trump demonstrates that clearly.

Personally, I am not a Hillary Clinton fan, and it is an unfortunate consequence of our current primary system that the DNC seems determined to do a re-run of her campaign in 2020 with Biden on the ballot, but in any case, voting Green or for Bernie doesn't solve anything. No candidate is going to be perfect, but in a system where there are only two realistic choices, one should choose one of those two.

The intra-party arguments should be fought out in the primaries (and before); the general election is entirely about getting the best option that is available.

This time around, Bernie is again screwing things up. If he would simply admit that he is too old to be president, and merge his campaign with Liz Warren's, the result would be a solid majority in the democratic party for a good, electable candidate. Instead, the democrats are doing the same stupid stuff that the GOP did last time around, allowing one well-funded power broker to gradually shred the other candidates, one by one, until only he is left.

It's gonna be Pence in 2020 and everybody had better get themselves prepared to live in a theocracy.

by asdf on Tue Dec 10th, 2019 at 06:42:16 PM EST
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