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Theresa May is giving the final blow to the United Kingdom

... this was done by the government of David Cameron, who arrogantly, also because of his blatant re-election and the failure of the referendum in Scotland, underestimated the danger that those sly of the "Pro-Brexit" could get something.

And, immediately after the disaster the consequent Cameron resignation, and Theresa May's arrival at Downing Street, she chose the wrong policy, thinking that the only way to regain the trust of voters and stay in power was to practice the same thesis as the movement "Pro-Brexit", stubbornly insisting. with her head down, in applying the result (slightly over the half) of the referendum, without listening to those who suggested to check if the population still really agreed and was approving such a radical step.

After painting with reassuring public speeches the ideal world in which the United Kingdom was moving forward without the "chains" imposed by the "bad" European Union, negotiations with the latter to define the way out have started and the cold shower has arrived both onto the government and onto the population.

The Scottish Devolution Referendum: Failure in 1979 and Success in 1997 [large pdf]

by Oui on Sun Feb 24th, 2019 at 12:08:36 PM EST

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