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Frank: The EU has lost patience with UK

Politico.eu is echoing your sentiments:

EU patience with Theresa May wears thin

It may not be the perception in London, but EU leaders feel they've bent over backward to help the U.K. prime minister deliver an orderly Brexit.

They won't be doing that anymore.

Theresa May's failure to get the Brexit deal through parliament -- and her continued failure to build a national consensus around a plan for the U.K.'s future -- has led her EU colleagues to conclude they can no longer rely on her.

And one of the main reasons:

They have grown increasingly exasperated at May's refusal to reach across party lines, and build the consensus needed not just to ratify the Withdrawal Agreement but also to negotiate the future trade relationship -- something that will likely prove even harder and more controversial.

"Many times we have asked her to reach out to the opposition but every time she put her party first and her country second," said another EU27 diplomat.

As a side note, a reason I'm often quoting Politico.eu is that it's one of the few places where you can find English language articles about Europe written by non-Brits (in that case, a Brussels based American and an Italian). Even though I'm not too fond of their editorial line.

by Bernard on Thu Feb 14th, 2019 at 06:52:11 PM EST

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