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I mean to be constructive. I so enjoy your "executive summaries" on current events. I learn a lot about myself (my attitude to known and unknown worlds) as well as the intricate, hardly fragile, relationships between "elites" from these selections.

Unfortunately, I have all too much time to give reflection to these retrospective view. In a way I fear that resignation will overcome my impulse to trust. I'd rather not awake each day with a conviction, nothing is to be trusted. Do you understand what I mean?

So at the moment I'm considering the Merco Press (2011. Merco has tacked radically center right liberal since then, which successive conquests of left-ish presidents. I can scarcely read it anymore!) and Institute of Policy Studies (2009) articles and wondering -- How does this perspective on the impotence of the Honduran peoples inform my duty as discussion "facilitator" at the next Poor People's Campaingn meeting? The prompt is "Poverty is Violence", quoting Coretta Scott King.

I honestly don't know. Rather, I'm uncertain and ambivalent that is a fruitful premise --either "morally" or "politically" speaking-- from which to foment an equitable government. The people I've met seem thoroughly indoctrinated in the belief that $ is "power." This fallacy is an international dilemma.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Sun Feb 24th, 2019 at 07:48:20 PM EST

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