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Northern Ireland is neither a country nor a "co-equal sovereign state" with England within the United Kingdom. It is not even a province, but consists of 6 of the 9 counties of the province of Ulster. It doesn't even contain the most northerly county of Ireland which is Donegal.

It is an enclave created to provide the illusion of statehood to a Protestant minority whose ancestors, for the most part, arrived from Scotland and England as part of an ethnic cleansing program to create a more loyal local population for the Crown in the 17th. Century.

They've made a mess of running the place ever since the enclave was created in 1922, and now can't even develop the place with a £10 Billion p.a. subsidy from the British exchequer.

Belfast used to have virtually all the heavy industry in Ireland, and yet now the GDP/per capita is only about half that of the Republic of Ireland. Sooner or later England will try to give it back to Ireland, and many in Ireland will be tempted to say "no thanks"!

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