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Not convinced here.

The EU would not allow a short delay; two years has already been suggested. And if there is to be another referendum, then the UK's formally-required timeline is about a year. And subsequent to the referendum, there would need to be a period to either negotiate another deal or to negotiate the UK's new position within the EU. So a two year delay would be appropriate from both the EU and UK sides.

That would be two more years of business uncertainty and political foolishness for everybody, at a time when the overall geopolitical situation is already pretty tense. Who can say now what the Brexiteers will come up with as a ploy to win another referendum? Who can say what a new PM would do, if there is one? Who can say what the Spanish election or a multitude of other EU considerations might bring? Who can say what will happen if Trump is impeached?

If the EU gives an extension it will be a blink on their part.

by asdf on Thu Feb 28th, 2019 at 02:37:40 AM EST

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