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I don't know who you're referring to here, but I doubt May will survive for more than another few months and think she should have resigned after her deal was defeated by a record margin. She has neither authority nor credibility in London or Brussels and is simply running down the clock in the hope she can force people to support her deal as an alternative to no deal.

Even an extension to the A.50 notification period doesn't solve or change anything except buy her a little more time and the EU may be reluctant to grant it unless she comes with a firm proposal as to what she is going to do during the extension period - e.g. call an election or a second referendum.

My guess is some Brexiteers will support her deal if they see the alternative of no Brexit becoming more likely, but probably not enough to pass it. Remainer and some establishment Tories may also support a second referendum if the alternative is a general election which they might lose to Corbyn, But enough to pass legislation for a second referendum? Very doubtful. So we could still be here in Limbo even after a 3 month A.50 extension.

And will the EU then agree to extend A.50 even further? Very doubtful indeed. A No deal Brexit is still the default and most likely outcome simply because the House of Commons can't agree on anything else.

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