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2. Have a general election fought on the specifics  of her deal, no deal, and no Brexit and hope the results throw up a clear majority for one of the above.

I don't know what that looks like. Our FPTP elections are (at best) fought on manifestoes (for those who bother to read them). Given only two significant parties, both divided into multiple factions, how would you represent three definitive options in two GE manifestoes? The current Labour proposal is not even one of those three.

The chance of a GE resolving this chaos is, I believe, minimal. A referendum would be clearer, with those three options on the paper.

But a referendum that returned "Stay In" leaves the ERG to carry on the 50 year fight of their predecessors and leaves the UK disrupting the business and evolution of the EU, whatever that path is. With the damage already done to the UK economy and other global uncertainties of the next years, the inevitable UK further decline would be blamed by the Leavers on the EU and Staying In.

'No Deal' is not only looking more likely; it may be the only way to break out of the current delusions, albeit a very dangerous path and painful lesson. My impression is that a number of leaders of the EU27 have concluded that.

At least it will teach the proponents of WTO the difference between "WTO Rules" and "WTO Default Terms".

by oldremainmer48 on Wed Mar 13th, 2019 at 09:55:21 AM EST
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