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My expectation has always been that the Brexiteers will gradually come on board as their prospects of a no deal Brexit fade. What I am less sure of is whether Tory Remainers will come on board when their prospects of a second referendum improve, and when all the attention (and bribes) is going the way of the Brexiteers. The final uncertainty is around how many Labour MPs might end up disobeying the party whip and supporting May's deal. My guess is, not many. May's attempts at bribing them have been a bit maladroit.

May will have to get a lot of disparate groups on Board to get the numbers she needs. So far there is little evidence her team have the skills and firepower required.

I'm not sure about the EP elections analysis above. Early reports suggest Farage and UKIP are keen to contest, but they may do rather less well than they expect. I don't see a lot of Remainer MEPs as a problem for Weber. I would have thought Brexit as an election issue would not be for the benefit of Eurosceptic parties elsewhere.

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