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I went looking for the poll you reference, and I think I found it.. It's pretty interesting, with a number of questions on what people think is true, what they think will happen and what they feel about it.

And the numbers doesn't add up to any clear direction. Yes a majority of likely voters would vote remain, but with similar numbers a majority is against a second referendum. Perhaps a clue can be found in a question about how they feel about a no deal and the most common reply is relief that this part of Brexit is over.

Also in the question Sunday Telegraph highlights, no deal Brexit has less support (44-30, with 25% don't know), then "I just want it over with" (55-33, with 12% don't know) in the just preceding question.

To sum up, going by this poll, the respondents don't know what is going to happen, doesn't think the politicians or the parties care about them, think the government did a poor job negotiating, think the parliament has done a poor job, think the EU has been unfairly hard in the negotiations, and are so tired of the whole thing that they just want it over and done with. There is not much support for prolonging the negotiation process, though that question is asked in an awkward way.

by fjallstrom on Fri Mar 15th, 2019 at 02:34:06 PM EST

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