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Thanks for this summary. I was just looking for a link to evidence my impression that the widespread feeling amongst Brexiteers is that the government should just "get on with it", that what they wanted (and voted for) was "a clean break", and that May's deal didn't provide that.

Many seem to think the Irish backstop is just an EU wheeze to "trap the UK in a custom's union" when it was May's idea to include all of the UK in the Backstop and that in this in fact provides the UK with an advantageous position no other third country has.

None seem to have any idea of how a "no deal" "clean break" Brexit could actually work - assuming they could continue to have all the existing benefits of Membership and that only vindictiveness on the EU's part would prevent this.

Ultimately, apparently, "common sense" would ensure that the UK ended up with all its current benefits and with none of the current costs. As the fifth largest economy in the World, the EU will have no choice but to do business with the UK on the UK's terms.

All evidence to the contrary is discounted or put down to EU unreasonableness or May incompetence. She will be the sacrificial lamb when all this goes belly up and few will want to recall that much of what they will be screaming for in the future was already included in the Withdrawal Agreement.

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