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This line of inquiry arrives at a destination of political and psychological significance to the murderer that is greater than the number of immigrants admitted to either Australia or New Zealand; that is greater than either Trump's iconic figure his political adversaries or diplomatic "ties" to US gov.

An "extraordinary act of unprecedented violence," asserts the PM, although this is not a true representation of the material and ideological culture in any of these nations of "settler", immigrants.

Rather than ignominy, assurance and aggrandizement fed the root of homicidal mania (motive, plain and simple). Before delving remote past, one may return to 2017 to evaluate normative response to perfectly reasonable requests for so-called humanitarian assistance to give Rhohinga.

"detention camps"

Australia currently takes in about 13,750 refugees under its humanitarian programme each year.

Mr Dutton said that with millions of people displaced around the world, Australia could not help everyone.

"We cannot be in a situation, having the most generous [?] humanitarian programme in the world, to then ... pretend cruelly to people that somehow we can take millions of people from regions around the world that would be displaced, we just can't do that," he said.

Australia rejects New Zealand's offer on refugees
Australia had come under fire from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, with a spokesman in Geneva Friday calling on Canberra to move the refugees from Manus to Australia and criticising the offshore asylum processing policy as "unsustainable, inhumane and contrary to its human rights obligations".

To means and opportunity, which the man most certainly exploited, let us resurrect mutually bogus firearms controversy which fulfills immediate gratification that freedom loving people are born to expect from politics, from government.
Firearms-Control Legislation and Policy: Australia
Firearms-Control Legislation and Policy: New Zealand

Australia's Ambassador Says His Country's Gun Laws Can't Save America

Since taking his post, however, Hockey has navigated the fallout of a tense phone call between Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and President Donald Trump over refugee resettlement, reportedly met with the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding the Russia investigation, and raised quite a few eyebrows when he broke with diplomatic protocol and endorsed Trump. Speaking to an audience at an Australian think tank in December, Hockey said, "If the presidential election was held again today, Donald Trump would win."
OK, Joe. Following the Vegas massacre, you tweeted that, essentially, guns are more cultural and pervasive in the U.S. than in Australia. What do you mean by that?
Australia and the United States are completely different situations, and it goes back to each of our foundings. America was born from a culture of self-defense. Australia was born from a culture of "the government will protect me." Australia wasn't born as a result of a brutal war. We weren't invaded. We weren't attacked. We weren't occupied. That makes an incredible difference, even today.
Being center-right, we had to stand against our base. But there was such collective grief after Tasmania that we were able to put aside our differences.
Was the bulk of the opposition from your own party?
The right wing had previously lobbied fairly hard against changes to the gun laws. The National Rifle Association sent people and money to campaign in Australia.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
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