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Another Theresa May Faceplant as the Brexit Clock Ticks: Speaker Bercow Nixes Another Meaningful Vote in Current Session [Updated] | naked capitalism
We'll get to more specific observations below, but the two big takeaways are:

    1. On multiple levels, this blowup was a complete failure of planning by the Government. It was hardly a surprise that Bercow could nix a vote. Yet the Government failed to investigate the matter, pre-sound Bercow, and have contingency plans ready if the Speaker said no.

    2. This opinion by Bercow isn't (or didn't have to be) the disaster it is portrayed as being. But the complete lack of imagination and preparation not only leaves May floundering, but has thrown a big monkey wrench into the planning the EU was no doubt trying to undertake. The spectacle of more floundering, plus having to consider even more options, can't help but further sour the already poor dynamics between Brussels and London. And do not forget, even when the objective stakes are high, interpersonal factors matter and regularly determine outcomes (even though the principals will tell themselves otherwise).

Still hard to see how that even matters. Where were the votes supposed to come from on the third try?

by generic on Tue Mar 19th, 2019 at 03:51:21 PM EST
Where were the votes supposed to come from on the third try?

The entire Brexit Project has been run on lies, bullshit, and Magick thinking.

No reason for them to stop now.

She believed in nothing; only her skepticism kept her from being an atheist. -- Jean-Paul Sartre

by ATinNM on Tue Mar 19th, 2019 at 06:34:04 PM EST
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euractiv releases trial balloons for EU Council
EU summit could avoid final call on Brexit extension

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
by Cat on Wed Mar 20th, 2019 at 04:05:45 PM EST
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To the extent the EU was willing to extend the deadline to provide for a meaningful attempt at resolving the issues, it has to be gone now.  All they can see is too many free-spinning wheels not actually turning anthing in the Rube Goldberg machine that is the UK government.
by rifek on Tue Mar 19th, 2019 at 09:08:00 PM EST
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