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Suppose MV3 happens late next week. Then the two weeks after a vote of no confidence are awfully close to 12 April. It's quite possible that May or ERG ultras will hold on with all tricks so that the UK will crash out. Just as a last fuck you by the now not so unwitting Brexit jihadi in chief

A national emergency - Chris Grey

My sense, especially after her broadcast this week, is that we have a Prime Minister who - more for psychological than political reasons - will do all she can to ensure that if her deal isn't passed there will be a no-deal Brexit, despite having in the past promised the could not happen without explicit parliamentary assent. It is now being reported by reliable sources that she is, indeed, now determined on this course of action (£) in which she will of course be cheered on by the increasingly unhinged Brexit Ultras within and outside her party.

Even if she were to immediately face and lose a no confidence motion she could still, if I understand the Fixed Terms Parliament Act correctly, be Prime Minister for another fortnight, enough to take us over the cliff. She looks like someone who won't go down without bringing the rest of us with her if she possibly can. Indeed it is all too believable that she would regard it as her "sacred duty" (£) to do so.

So the first order of business for parliament -if it has any sense left- is to take control of the timetable on Monday, presto.

Schengen is toast!
by epochepoque on Fri Mar 22nd, 2019 at 10:05:30 PM EST
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