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Yep, but their latest meme - also propagated by May - is that people are fed up with all the wrangling by politicians (always a good populist line) and just want them to "get on with it" - and by it they mean a no deal Brexit. For some reason they have been able to get even establishment politicians to buy into a "common wisdom" that democracy, political stability and violence is threatened if politicians fail to carry out the expressed will of the people and instead consult them a second time on precisely what form of Brexit they wanted.

All b/s, I know, but a handy way to stampede the Commons into allowing a no deal Brexit to happen for fear of having to face an angry electorate.

Theresa May has just spent most of the week-end consulting with senior Brexiteers on what she should do next - not the mainstream elements in her party, not the Remainers, not other party leaders, and certainly not Jeremy Corbyn. They have her by the short and curlies when her only hope of getting the Commons to agree anything is to reach across the aisle. Even the Lib Dems and SNP could probably provide her with a majority for a referendum without Corbyn's support.

But NOOOOO, it has to be her way or the high way, a Tory Brexit that only Tories and the DUP will support. She still seems to think she can bully people into supporting her deal. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

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