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"He evidently has difficulty persuading Labour members (UK, SCOTLAND, IE) to accept his leadership"
A typo, I presume. Scotland is part of the UK, IE is not. There is an entirely separate Labour party in IE with Brendan Howlin as leader.

The NI Labour party holds zero seats in the assembly (0/90)and on county councils (0/462) and received 0.2% of the vote in 2016 Assembly elections. In the 2016 UK Labour party leadership election 765 Labour party members in Northern Ireland took part in the vote, with a majority voting for Corbyn (Corbyn 541; Smith 224).

It is generally not supported by nationalists as they do not support a UK party organizing in N. Ireland. It's vote might therefore be regarded as the tiny fraction of the unionist community who have a left wing orientation.

I have previously argued that there appears to be little substantive difference between May's deal and Corbyn's preferred deal - except that it is to be negotiated by Labour. However the Labour party also appear to be more open to putting whatever deal they negotiate to a public vote.

A you know all of this is moot unless May loses a vote of confidence/calls a general election and the EU grant a further extension to enable it to take place while the UK is still a member and in a position to (re)negotiate any withdrawal agreement.

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