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(Guardian)There is evidence that remain and leave are now more compelling drivers of political identity than party allegiance. (...)

The qualities of being a leaver or a remainer are unmoored from the mostly dull questions of EU institutional relations. They serve instead as code for positions in a culture war, conveying rival value judgments about the kind of country Britain once was, is now and should be. It is a faultline that cuts through the middle of parties. (...)

The immediate problem for Labour and the Conservatives is that Brexit has changed the political map, exposing divisions in the country that won't align with old party templates.

May and Corbyn naturally try to manage the situation through the party structures they can just about control, but the crisis won't be contained in those vessels. It keeps spilling out from the sides. It is washing away the rules.

I used to be afew. I'm still not many.
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An excellent writer, but his problem is that the Guardian's popular reach is only 5% of the electorate, and the already converted part of the electorate, at that. Hence my long quote from the Mail. It has been on a journey from rabid pro-Brexit, to rabid pro-May, to rabid anti-May. Well rabid anti-anything really...

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