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When the Attorney general, Geoffrey Cox, said that the deal negotiated by Theresa May last night didn't change the legal risk that Britain could be "trapped" by the backstop, he effectively removed all cover for Brexiteers to change their minds and doomed the deal.

But how could Theresa May have agreed to the deal without checking with him first to ensure he was on board? Just another blow to her credibility and reputation for competence: remember she campaigned for the leadership and in the general election on the basis of being "a safe pair of hands". She has now dropped just about every ball ever thrown at her.

Anyone with any self-respect would have resigned by now. There is no point in anyone even talking to her now as she has shown she can deliver on nothing.

So further negotiations on May's deal are off the table. Only three options remain:

  1. No deal Brexit
  2. General Election
  3. Second referendum

Only 2. and 3. qualify for an A.50 extension.

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