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There are lots of articles and videos out there about how the entire Parliament building infrastructure is in serious disrepair. One suggestion is that moving to temporary quarters may change the way Parliament works. No sense parading around in wigs and carrying swords and whatnot in a modern building.

Also, given how government contracts work, and the complexity of the work needed, it might be decades before the project is done. Maybe better overall to put up a new government building. Maybe outside of London.

by asdf on Fri Apr 5th, 2019 at 04:32:41 PM EST
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Yes I was wondering how the antiquated Westminster architecture, archaic proceedings, and arcane customs could influence how Parliament goes about its business. Quite apart from the fact that MPs don't have reserved seats, can't all fit in the room at once, and can't conduct other business while attending some inane debate, the whole structure reeks of subjects doing her majesty a favour, rather than conducting a nation's business in an efficient manner.

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